myPrinciples Summer 2011 Newsletter

It's summer time and the sun is out. There are no more excuses, it is time to get moving!!iStock 000013494481Large

This summers edition will offer you lots of inspiration to get up and going! Read up on...

  • The best ways to manage injuries and those persistent niggles
  • What's all the hoo har about sneakers and what's all this barefoot running business about??
  • Private Health Insurance, can you claim your Membership and PT?
  • Meet Jo Jo, our Summer Member Profile
  • Great December offers and soooo, soooo much more!!

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High v Low Intensity Training for Weight Loss

High v Low Intensity Training for Weight Loss

Low Intensity verses High Intensity Training: Which is best for fat loss?

Fat loss is often high on the list of reasons why people start an exercise program. While there is an abundance of information available on exercise and fat loss, like many things these days, it can be confusing to work out which approach is best. Some people swear by low intensity exercise – with long periods spent in the ‘fat burning’ zone – while others believe high intensity is best.

Functional (Super) Foods, Fact or Fiction?

Functional (Super) Foods, Fact or Fiction?

iStock_000009162866SmallWhat are Functional (Super) Foods?

Written by Michelle Lotz, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

  • Foods that provide inherent health benefits.
  • Foods that aims to promote health and well being. 
  • Foods that improve performance or reduce the risk of disease without causing any immediate adverse effects.
  • Foods that may provide health benefits in addition to providing traditional nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. 

myPrinciples Winter 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to Winter 2011!

Some say its been colder than ever, while others can't remember the last time winter was so warm! There's snow on the peaks which is rare for this time of the year, which promises a great snow season, yet I've noticed some trees are already blooming in June!

So whatever the season you're feeling, make sure you get up and out, grab some Vitamin D and workout for increased happiness!!

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How to Kill off the Cravings

How to Kill off the Cravings

Constant cravings bringing you undone?

Sure, the thought of eating carrots and celery for a week sounds reasonable just after you’ve scoffed down a pizza with coke and washed it down with some cheesecake, but in reality, when the next days hunger pangs hit again, it’s likely to all go out the window!

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