So you don't want to get old?

So you don't want to get old?

Regardless of what the latest skin cream ads might be promising, ageing is a normal and unstoppable biological process which involves the ongoing alteration of body structure and tolerance to our environment. Unfortunately, there is not scientifically proven way to prevent the physiological ageing process, but there is plenty you can do to slow it down!!

myPrinciples Winter 2010 Newsletter

Well it's now winter and it's so, so brrrr....cold!

We've pulled together a hot edition of myPrinciples to keep you warm and provide you with heaps of interesting articles, fitness tips, recipies and quotes to make you feel all warm inside!

So stoke the fireplace, grab the marshmallows (not too many!) and enjoy!

Snack Attack

Snacks - good or evil?

Small healthy snacks between main meals reduces the chances of hitting an energy rut, which usually occurs mid morning or mid afternoon when blood sugar levels from our previous meal are dropping. It is at this point that we are usually at our weakest and often succumb to the craving for high sugar and fat laden foods.

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