3 Diet Myths Busted!

When it comes to dieting and weight loss, there is simply a proliferation of information out there to confuse you, ranging from the good, the bad and through to the downright ugly!

Tonina explores 3 popular myths to debunk!

  1. Counting calories is the only way to lose weight
  2. Skipping meals will save calories
  3. Protein bars are good for weight loss
Calories are not all the same!
One of the biggest myths of the diet industry is what is known as the ‘calorie fallacy’. We have been told for years that weight gain and weight loss is a measure of energy in v’s energy out. However, we now know that calories are not all created equal. Calories from carbohydrates raise insulin levels which is a recipe for fat storage when not used efficiently, whereas fats, although double the energy of carbohydrates offer satiety and hormonal control.
Don't Skip it
Skipping meals has been shown to slow down metabolism which makes it harder to lose weight. When you skip a meal or go a long time without eating, the body goes into survival mode to protect you from starvation, it slows down fat burning and signals to your brain ‘it’s time to eat’, making you feel hungry, more likely to eat anything!
Beware the Protein Supplement
Protein bars are sold as good for weight management, and many of them have good amounts of healthy carbohydrates, fibre and protein designed to keep you satiated, especially when you don’t have food on hand. Some however are high in sugar and trans fats which is the opposite of what you want. Always read the nutrition panel making sure there is at least >10gm of protein and no more than 10gm of total fat in any serve.
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