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5 Pre-Workout Strategies to Fuel Your Next Workout

Making good food choices is a fundamental cornerstone of any health and fitness program. When it comes to choosing the right pre-workout food, it can get a little tricky.

You want your blood sugar levels peaking just prior to your workout but you don’t want a meal that will leave you feeling bloated or sluggish. So, here are five healthy snack tips for pre-workout energy that will help support your best training results:

  1. Healthy blend of carbs & protein.  Carbs provide us instant fuel and protein supports our muscles.  Protein also takes longer for the stomach to digest so it helps prevent us from feeling too hungry too soon. Because protein takes longer to digest in the stomach, it is important to not over do it with protein intake before a workout. Too much protein can cause GI distress or cramping.  A healthy combination could include an apple with a handful of almonds, or a single slice of wholegrain toast with one teaspoon of peanut butter or carrot/celery sticks & bagel crisps with two teaspoons of hummus dip.
  2. Cap your pre-workout snack intake to 200 calories.  Keep in mind this is a pre-workout snack designed to fuel your workout, it’s not a meal. Eating excessively can make your stomach feel heavy and leave you feeling pretty aweful if you’re planning on going hard. Using premeasured meals or snacks takes the guess work out of counting calories and if its pre-packaged (e.g. protein bar), it travels well. Getting the right fuel and calories pre-workout can be kept simple with a little planning or th right choices in the supermarket isle.
  3. Avoid caffeine just before a workout. Morning beverages like coffee have been linked to GI distress during workouts and caffeine can triggers the bladder, causing you to feel like you have to go to the bathroom more than usual. Caffeine has also been linked to dehydration but this has not been entirely proven.  
  4. Hydrate! Be sure you are hydrated before starting your workout. You should try to drink approximately half a litre of water at least 30 minutes before starting your workout.  Electrolyte replacements (Gatorade/Poweraide/Hydrolyte) can also be useful as they support healthy organ function as well.  
  5. Stick to familiar foods before a big workout.  Train with what you know works for your body. When you’re paying for a Personal or Group Training session, you want to make sure you’re feeling your best so you can get the most out of your session. Plan a shorter workouts or lighter training session if you’re experimenting with new snacks. A Nutritionist can help you fine tune your pre-workout snacking habits but also help you get your overall eating strategy right for your training and lifestyle needs.
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