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5 Strategies to Help You Address Holiday Weight Gain

Whether you want to watch your portions or work with a personal trainer, here are effective strategies to help you address holiday weight gain.

The holiday season is a memorable time when people log off from their busy work schedules and spend more time with loved ones. Besides having different parties to attend, it’s also the perfect time to savour mouthwatering treats. 

However, these delicious dishes can lead to holiday weight gain if you’re not careful. Its effects can significantly impact your self-esteem and quality of life and increase your risk of developing chronic illnesses. 

Whether you want to cut back on your portions or work with a personal trainer, here are five effective strategies to help you address holiday weight gain.


When trying to shed the extra kilos after the holidays, fill your plate with half non-starchy vegetables, a quarter lean protein and a quarter carbohydrate or starchy vegetables. Read food labels carefully to ensure you consume fewer calories.

Moreover, you can maintain a healthy weight by watching how many calories you consume daily. You can also ensure proper digestion and satiation by eating fresh, healthy meals and eating your meals slowly, giving your brain time to pick up on signals that your tummy is actually full! 


You can manage the dreaded holiday weight gain by getting back to regular scheduled exercise. Pre-commit to some form of movement and ensure it’s not long or hard to compensate for any downtime you've taken. 

If you're lucky enough to still be on holidays, it's also the perfect time to choose a physical activity you enjoy, such as dancing, jogging, yoga, or walking your dog. Moreover, you can hire a personal trainer to help you stay motivated on your post-holiday weight loss journey. 

You can always start small by taking the stairs instead of the lift if you’re on your first day of reaching your fitness goals.


Besides enjoying mouthwatering foods, the holidays are also the perfect time for people to consume unhealthy drinks like alcohol, soda, and juice. However, these beverages can harm your health because of their high sugar and calorie levels. Moreover, alcohol affects your blood sugar levels and can lead to overeating. 

If you can’t say no to the temptations of alcoholic drinks, keep it simple and have a glass of water with your beverage. You can monitor your calorie intake by alternating between sips of water and your alcoholic drink to help keep your calorie intake in check.

These steps can help you stay safe and healthy during and after the holidays while becoming a responsible drinker, especially if you’ll be driving home after the gathering. 


While the holidays are a time for socialising with loved ones, you can also start prioritising self-care. Some examples are listening to calming music, meditating, practising mindfulness, and going for a walk. We also recommend journaling everything you’re thankful for the year and making an effort to appreciate the little things. 

These simple but good habits can help reduce stress and help ensure a more enjoyable holiday season. 


It can be difficult for anyone to say no to the table of mouthwatering and aromatic treats at social gatherings. You can minimise the temptation of overindulging by distancing yourself from the food and avoiding looking at it as much as possible. After all, if you don’t see it, you won’t crave it! You can also make this step easier by not arriving at the socialisation with an empty stomach and eating a healthy snack. 


Holiday weight gain can negatively impact your overall health and self-confidence. Fortunately, you can prevent and manage unwanted kilos by working with a personal trainer and maintaining healthy habits. 

If you need a personal trainer in Ivanhoe, let us help you! Core Principles offers a premium personalised service to help our clients enjoy and maintain a healthy weight, even during and after the holidays. Speak with us now, and let’s help kickstart your weight loss journey!

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