5 Tips for Summer Dining

Who wants to talk about broccoli and carrots at this time of year? How about a way to minimize the blow out during the silly season while enjoying time with friends and family?

Here are 5 tips to keep you on track over the coming weeks.

Consider two entree dishes

  • Order two entree meals instead of entree and main.  This way you still enjoy the social aspect of eating with friends and/or clients but opt for a smaller portion of food.

 Alcohol consumption

  • Have a goal going into the meal e.g. how many drinks you are going to have;
  • Choose sparkling water with fresh lime over alcohol

Look to protein and salad/veggie options

  • Order grilled or baked meats / poultry / fish with a side of fresh or steamed veggies rather than hot chips or heavy carbs
  • Have a protein dense breakfast on the days you know you are dining out for lunch

Avoid bread as a starter

  • Fill up on some side salad or a side of veggies as a starter

and of course, remember to:

Eat Slowly

  • You will digest the meal better and it gives you more of an opportunity to register that you are full

Have a happy and safe festive season and I look forward to seeing you all back at Core Principles in 2021.  

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