5 ways to get back into your fitness routine after lockdown

Lockdown is coming to an end and so is the couch surfing, netflix binging and endless days in your pyjamas! It's time to get moving again, but you'll want to ease back with purpose and a plan!

1. Set small, realistic goals

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your future and motivating yourself to see these goals turn into a reality. To aid the process of goal setting, it’s important to know specifically what you want. If your goal is really broad like, “I want to get fitter”, you need to make its more specific for you. For example, “I want to be able to complete a 60kg squat” or “I want to be able to run 1km”. Having a specific goal will help you achieve your goal quicker by being smarter and realistic.

Make sure the goal is attainable for you. If you are just a new athlete starting out, having a goal like “I want to be able to bench press 100kg”, when you have never completed a bench press before, may be achievable in the long run, but not realistic within a short amount of time.

Lastly some goal setting tips. Write your goals down, this certifies them and gives them more power in your life. Be precise with your goals, setting goals with dates and time can help you have a better understanding of when you have achieved the specific goal.

 2. Focus on what you enjoy

If you enjoy cardio, then go for a run or cycle. If you enjoy weight training, then do some weight training!

There’s no point in doing exercise you’re not enjoying. Search and look for exercises that suit you and that you know you can continue with. Remember there are so many different ways to exercise, its not just limited to cardio and/or lifting weights. Speak to your Personal Trainer about the enless ways of carving up your routine so that it stays fresh, motivating and effective!

And remember, any exercise is better than no exercise!

 3. Ease back into exercise

We have been in lockdown for 2 weeks, going into our 3rd week of restrictions. So, your body is not going to be the same as it was when you were consistently exercising. The way our body works is we need to take small steps to get back into exercise.

You won’t be able to lift the same amount you did before lockdown, or run the same amounts. So, it is important that you regress your weights/training and then slowly increase the training until you are back to what you were doing before COVID.

Its important not to be disheartened by our loss of fitness, but remembering that we will get back to it with small and gradual increased in our training load.

 4. Improve sleep

Going to bed at 3am because you’ve been watching Netflix all night and then getting up at 6am to go to work because we’ve been in that habit for the last couple weeks is definitely going to affect your training.

It’s important that we get back into a sleeping routine, if were going to improve our fitness routine!

Some good ways to get back into a good sleeping routine, is to start going to bed at a reasonable time. If you need to be up early in the morning, make sure you go to bed earlier so you are getting at least 6-8 hours. Going to bed at the same time every night puts your body into a fantastic routine that will improve your sleeping habits. Along with making sure you stop using electronics at least an hour before bed, so that you are letting your mind rest before you go to sleep.

All of these things combined, will help improve your sleeping cycle, to overall improve your fitness routine!

 5. Protect your mental health

During these times of understandable stress, anxiety and distress maintaining and protecting your mental health can be super important. An amazing way to start looking after your mental health is to reach out to someone. Living during a pandemic and feeling these emotions that might be new to you or even heightened. The best way is to let someone know you aren’t doing well. Even reaching out for a chat is better than fighting your own thoughts alone. There are people out there who will listen and chat with you about your worries.

As much as social media can be useful, absence from your friends, working from home, feel stuck can become detrimental to your health during this difficult time. You don’t want to be finding yourself googling for hours and falling down dark holes you won’t be able to handle during this time. Limit yourself from hearing fake news that will drive your anxiety, and use social media for good, like talking to friends and family.

Just remember that we are all fighting our own battles, its okay to reach out and speak.

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