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A Quick Guide to Training and Staying Active in Your 50s

As we turn 50, our bodies experience drastic changes, such as muscle loss, slower metabolic rates, and a weaker immune system. You’ll also be more at risk of developing chronic conditions, especially if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Fortunately, it’s never too late to call a personal trainer, pick up better habits, and let them construct a fitness plan to ensure a more robust body for longer. Studies have also shown that resistance training can help prevent muscle weakness and physical frailty in older people.

However, it can be daunting to begin your fitness journey. If you want to slow down the signs of ageing, this article guides you to training and staying active in your 50s.

Strength Training for Men over Age 50

As men age, their muscles deteriorate. While strength training can help counteract muscle loss, you should remember to do this properly because safety and recovery are essential. It’s also crucial to be sensible and go at a steady pace because it becomes harder to recover from injuries. 

You can maximise your workouts by adding isometric, single-sided work, and slow-tempo exercises to your sessions. You should also aim for three resistance training sessions weekly with four to five exercise sets. Moreover, you can always work with a personal trainer. 

Starting Weight Training over Age 50

Weight training after 50 can be intimidating for many men. Fortunately, it can be a more comfortable experience because there’s no pressure to adhere to certain stereotypes or lift heavy weights. 

Your personal trainer can help you focus on bodybuilding-style isolation exercises like bicep curls. They can also make it easier for you by providing dumbbells instead of barbells because your connective tissues become less elastic as you age. That way, you can have shorter recovery times and train more often. 

Why Do Men Over Age 50 Need Gym Workouts?

Regardless of your physical activity history, focusing on your heart health is crucial once you turn 50. Regular aerobic exercise can help loosen blood vessels, keep your heart in good shape, and maintain healthy blood pressure. 

You can build muscle strength and endurance by adding weightlifting and resistance training. You should also allow more recovery time, and for every thirty minutes of working out, commit to an foam rolling, stretching or gentle yoga. 

3 Exercise Plans for Men in Their 50s

OK, so now we understand the significance of strength and weight training, this section will detail three personal trainer-approved exercise plans for men in their 50s. 

Plan 1: For Men Trying New Things

First-timers over 50 can do lunges, side lunges, step-ups, and toe-touching exercises with a personal trainer’s supervision. You can also improve your flexibility and mobility by placing your right foot onto an elevated platform and pushing up through your heel and then alternate with the left foot. 

Moreover, newbies must focus on proper form instead of how much weight they should lift. You can join fitness classes or work with a personal trainer to help you do it correctly and keep you in the weight room longer. 

Plan 2: For Men Who Lack Practice

Once you turn 50, you should return to square one when working with a personal trainer. Don’t spend too much time and thought on the load; take it slow and light instead. With only two or three years out of training, improving strength is still absolutely possible, you may just need to moderate your expectations as to the time it may take to achieve your full strength potential.

Plan 3: For Gym Veterans

For those working out for a while, focus on functional fitness and mix your workouts with Cross Training inspired exercises and light weights for speed. That way, you can stay flexible and healthy.


The physical changes that come with age can drastically affect men’s quality of life when they turn 50. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk by staying active and working with a professional personal trainer. 

If you need a professional personal trainer in Ivanhoe, work with Core Principles! We provide our clients with premium, personalised services to help men age gracefully. Speak to us now, and let’s help you stay fit even after 50!

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