Activity Menu while Physically Isolating

Being bored is not necessarily a great state of mind to be in for long periods of time. While stopping and smelling the roses is important, becoming perpetually bored can become an issue.

Social Isolation (or physical isolation as we prefer to call it) has presented us all an amazing opportunity to stop and re-evaluate how we spend our days. Hopefully, a few minor tweaks to your day has left you feeling a sense of greater freedom, control and perhaps connectedness. You might find yourself with more time on your hands for which you want to be productive, creative and/or free to explore options you may not otherwise have had.

If you're stuck with ideas as to how to best use your new found time, here's a list of activities you may want to consider. Remember, being busy is great but don't forget to find opportunities to stop, be idle, watch and listen to the world around you too!

Check out this activity menu from our friend Leon Skaliotis from Be Happy Again:


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