Claudia Geddes

Claudia Geddes

Fitness is a huge passion of mine, but making fitness fun is my biggest. I love to give encouragement and have a joke around, but I also love to help clients understand how their body works. 

My biggest goal when working with clients is that they understand exactly how to do the exercise, so they can correct themselves and complete the exercises at home! 

If you’re looking for a break during the day to get fit, and have some fun, I’m here for you! 

If I’m not at the gym, I love doing all things outside! I love waterskiing and water sports, whatever helps make exercise even better! 


  • Bachelor of Sport Science (Clinical Practice) VU
  • Level 1 Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Accreditation
  • First Aid


  • Strength & Conditioning 
  • Athletic Development 
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Exercise Rehabilitation 
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Rest and why it's so important

Rest and why it's so important

The benefits of exercising are well documented and firmly based in evidence. It can change your quality and outlook on life. However, rest days are just as important as exercise days. Some people believe having a rest day is going to ruin your gains and the more sessions you do, the better it’ll be. This is an outdated thinking pattern.

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