Closure Update

We believe that we need to do everything as a community to ensure that we limit the impact of COVID-19, as such we have made the very difficult decision to discontinue personal and group training sessions either indoors or outdoors.

The best thing we can all do is to limit the amount of time we spend outside of our homes and with others in our community.

For those of you who either desperately want to train, those who want to support Core Principles and our Trainers, I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. We want to train you as much as you want to be trained…and we will in time.

Further, I know our members want to help their Trainers through this and some are contacting their Trainers directly with questions and requests for service. PLEASE avoid creating more confusion and direct your queries to me at info@coreprinciples.com.au (I will get to them!!). While I know you may want to help, this can cause more damage and confusion than we are already dealing with.

So, in summary:

  • No training in the studio until further notice
  • No training in the park, until further notice
  • We can write you a home based program using nothing more than your own body weight if you ask (for FREE!)
  • Please direct ALL enquires to info@coreprinciples.com.au
  • Our Private Core Principles Facebook Group will be the first place we put updates, email is proving to be unreliable at the moment. I will be able to address questions on this Group, the answers to which will inform others with the same question (Join the private Group HERE)

I will keep you up to date with regular updates via (in order) Facebook Private Page, Website and E-mail.

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