Don’t just survive, thrive this festive season!

We’re so close to the finish line and many of us are counting on a break to put our feet up, recharge and reflect on the year past. We might even put some thought into what lies ahead.

I’m all for relaxing and recharging, particularly if it’s been a tough year or even a normally hectic year! The challenge is finding the balance between releasing the pressure valve and undoing all the hard work!

Let’s face it, temptations are amplified this time of the year and when combined with a slow down in pace, we risk undoing much of our hard work and setting ourselves up for a tougher start to 2020 than necessary.

So, how do you tackle the next few weeks and thrive?

Here’s 5 simple tips for thriving this festive season:

1. Keep moving

If you’re taking a break at home or away, you actually have more time to exercise and it doesn’t have to be at 6.00am either! Put aside 30 minutes per day for vigorous activity and you don’t necessarily need a gym! Try a brisk walk along the beach, hike a new trail, go for a bike ride, swim or do a class in your new holiday location. You’re on holiday, so your activity can be creative, adventurous and exciting. Get out there and explore options, you have the time!


2. Eat and drink in moderation

Don’t go crazy! Just because it’s in front of you doesn’t mean you have to consume it…all! Sure, you’re taking a break but don’t consume all the food and drinks you’ve abstained from all year in the next two weeks! Indulgences are OK but remember, they are indulgences not your new default position! Whatever you consume above your sustainable calorie intake requirements has to be addressed at some point down the track. Excess calories will eventually need to be burned unless you want it sitting on your hips later!


3. Offset your calories and earn it

OK, so you consumed the whole bottle of bubbly…and a couple of cocktails…and finished off the pudding. What to do?! You’re on holiday, so you’ve got time to burn it off…once you address the throbbing headache!


Here’s a bit of a guide as to how much time you will need to offset some of the lovely food and drinks that you may come up against:

1 Small glass of champagne (120ml)

7 minutes of swimming

10 minutes of jogging

14 minutes of cycling

25 minutes of walking

Christmas Pudding (1 slice 50g)

16 minutes of swimming

22 minutes of jogging

29  minutes of cycling

52 minutes of walking

Source:  Calorie King (calorieking.com.au)

4. Family activities

A family that exercises together stays together! Chances are, you’ll likely be hanging out with family and friends over the break, so why not incorporate a game of cricket, get out for a walk before breakfast or after dinner!


We are much more chilled out when we’re on a break so this is an excellent time to find some activities that you can all get involved in. Enjoy their company without all of the typical distractions. Talk and if you’re a typically busy (or easily distracted) person - LISTEN! You never know what you might hear!

5. Sleep

A key foundation to a healthy life is good quality sleep. You need a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep. But don’t try to catch up on all the lost sleep at once, it just doesn’t work that way. Listen to your body and go to bed a bit earlier or sleep in a little later. Ditch the alarm clock and let your body decide when you’ve had enough. Grab a nap, have a snooze under a tree, you’re on holidays and you deserve it!


It may have been a tough year for some, but there is always something to be grateful for. Use this precious time to move, breath, relax, connect and celebrate how amazing it is to be alive, in the luckiest country in the world.

On behalf of the Core Principles team, we wish you a beautiful Christmas and am amazing 2022!

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