Exercise Equipment Hire

Exercise Equipment Hire

We're keeping you moving! Stay fit with these fitness essentials!

We've got a few random pieces of equipment still waiting for a home! They are flying out the door, so if you've got your eye on something, please get in via email fast!! 

Stock availability (29 March 2020):

Barbell with plates             $20 p.w.   

Battle Rope                         $10 p.w.

Bosu                                    $10 p.w.

Dumbells  (set of 2)          $10 p.w.

Flat Bench                           $30 p.w.

Incline Bench                      $30 p.w.

Kettlebell                            $10 p.w.

Mat                                      $5 p.w.

Pilates Ring                         $5 p.w.

Rip: 60                                 $20 p.w.

Spin Bike                                $30 p.w.

Step                                     $5 p.w.

Swiss Ball                           $5 p.w.

Equipment Hire Conditions:

  1. No bond is required, however (see point 2)
  2. All equipment must be cleaned, sanitised and returned in the SAME condition in which it was picked up.
  3. All equipment is to be used indoor only.
  4. All equipment is being hired in good faith and we expect that members will use all equipment in this context.
  5. Damaged equipment will be rejected and charged at replacement cost directly to your Credit Card or Bank account (evidence of replacement cost will be provided).
  6. Equipment MUST be returned within 24 hours of Core Principles request.
  7. Equipment rental will be charged to your nominated account fortnightly
  8. In the case of a rejected payment, Core Principles may request the immediate return of equipment.
  9. Users understand that exercise can be dangerous and use the equipment at their own risk.
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