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Get that fat outa here!

So you want to lose weight, gain weight or just keep it off? No problem! Just buy our magic pills, secret powder, ab sculptor, ab blaster, my book, our DVD, subscribe now and buy that membership and you will A. Lose Weight B. Gain Weight or C. Not achieve much at all! But wait, apparently there’s more…..

This stuff will also make you more popular and make your hair grow back - in all the right places too!

Are you kidding!

The fact is that while some of this stuff works, most of it will not. Not unless you are extremely self motivated and have an overall plan that includes a balanced diet and increased level of activity!

It’s all about your calorie intake or consumption (what you eat and drink) compared to your calorie expenditure (the amount of energy you burn) which will determine whether you lose, gain or maintain your weight! Thereafter, it’s about making sustainable changes to your overall lifestyle, including diet and exercise, that will determine whether you keep it on, off or balanced.

So, it’s the old ‘energy balance’ equation eh?

Lets take weight or fat loss. We want to lose fat to get toned, however we don’t want to lose muscle mass. So dieting alone presents the risk of decreasing muscle mass, decreasing bone mineral density and leaving you feeling like you barely have the energy to brush your teeth.

Energy In

The most important advice regarding making adjustments to your diet is to better understand what is contributing to your daily calorie intake.

My good friend Bruce Gray provides this excellent guide which may or may not surprise you regarding how energy intense some of the foods you’re eating regularly actually are.


By better understanding your calorie intake via common foods, the better able you are to make informed choices about what you eat and hopefully how often. My advice is not to give up anything, life is too short. However, by moderating what you eat, you can still have those ‘sometimes foods' without feeling like you’re depriving yourself - which usually leads to overindulgence or binge eating not so far down the track!

Energy Out

So, apart from better managing what and how much you eat and drink, you have another very important lever you can pull, that is the second part of the equation - energy expenditure.

You can manage your energy expenditure on a daily basis in any number of ways, from incidental exercise, like taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking to work, to the shop, to the park, all the way to employing a Personal Trainer who can design an individualised training program targeting your exact objectives while considering your current capability.

You will need to adjust the amount and intensity of activity or exercise to accommodate the type and volume of food (calories) you are consuming in order to achieve an energy ‘deficit’ and therefore burn more calories (energy) than you are consuming!

The Bottom Line

Either way, you can control the amount of energy you consume and burn and it can start with the smallest of efforts. But you must start somewhere and you must have a plan - diet or exercise on its own will not give you the best long term results, as with all things in life - balance is the ‘secret’!

Now, if that's as clear as chocolate mud cake (which by the way = 10,000 hours of brisk walking), feel free to drop me a question and I'll gladly help clarify (and not add more to the mud like confusion!!).

Questions, comments? Let us know!

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