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How a Personal Trainer Can Help Reach Your Goals This 2023

How a Personal Trainer Can Help Reach Your Goals This 2023

Why you’re better off hiring a personal trainer in 2023!

As we close the book of 2022, more people welcome 2023 as an opportunity to work on themselves and their New Year’s Resolutions. This new year offers 365 new chances to achieve your goals, including getting in shape and practising healthier habits. 

However, motivating yourself to keep going can sometimes be difficult, particularly if you lack a plan or the know how to break through performance obstacles. For this reason, it’s always wise to enlist the help of a personal trainer. These professionals have the right experience to create and execute exercise plans that help people reach their fitness goals. 

Why you’re better off hiring a personal trainer this 2023.


Commitment and accountability are crucial to any successful workout plan because it helps you stay on track with your fitness goals. Without them, seeing progress or achieving the desired results can be difficult. You’re more likely to lose momentum in the middle of the fitness journey if you embark on it alone. 

On the other hand, investing in the services of a personal trainer means you’re more likely to be held accountable and stay committed to your fitness goals. Our Personal Trainers will keep you motivated and on track, providing an excellent incentive to stay focused and ensure you reach your desired outcome.

2. They Motivate You to Exercise 

While you may have the necessary equipment and a meal plan, you may not reach your fitness goals successfully if you don’t have moral support. Fortunately, your personal trainer can act as your exercise companion to help you stay on track with your fitness goals. They also help you stay motivated because you know that someone’s there for you to help you reach them.

Besides providing support and encouragement, they will also monitor your progress and guide you to ensure you work as hard as possible. 

3. They’ll Teach YOU ABOUT Your Health and Fitness

Your body is a complicated thing to study. It can be tricky to know what it wants, especially if you’re just beginning your fitness journey or you’re not experienced in the art of exercise and achieving optimal fitness.

Fortunately, a Personal Trainer will provide information and guidance on healthy lifestyle habits, nutrition, and exercise. They’re knowledgeable about the human body and how to use it best for fitness, and they will create customised workout routines and schedules for their clients. 

They’ll also provide guidance and support on staying motivated while preventing injuries and safely meeting your fitness goals. Moreover, they’ll teach you the proper techniques when working out so you won’t waste energy and can maximise your results.  

4. They Promote PROGRESSIVE AND Effective Workouts

Besides strategically targeting different body parts, progression and variety is crucial to your workout routine to make it productive but also motivating. A certified Personal Trainer offers a variety of targeted exercises to ensure your workouts are enjoyable and effective. That way, you can pull yourself out of a plateau and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals on time. 

5. They Provide a Specialised Training Plan

Your personal trainer can provide customised fitness plans for your needs. They’ll assess your  physical condition, help you identify your training objectives and create a programme focusing on areas that need improvement to ensure you hit your goals. These professionals will give you moral support to ensure you get the best results. 

Important Tips to Remember 

Before you start your fitness journey and work with a Personal Trainer, it is always helpful to do an initial health and fitness asessment. A well document starting point should be documented and from which all future results can be compared. Measuring results on an ongoing basis is also critical for ensuring your plan remains effective and provides the basis for adjusting and progressing exercises to ensure ongoing results. 

The Bottom Line 

This new year is the best time to be the captain of your life and become the best version of yourself. Working with a qualified personal trainer can help you stay motivated and commit to healthier habits. 

If you need a personal trainer in Ivanhoe, work with Core Principles! We provide our clients with premium, personalised services to help them meet their fitness goals. Speak with us now, and let’s help you make 2023 your year!

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