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How Callum Changed His Life, 1 KG at a Time!

Core Principles has a high success rate when it comes to members achieving their agreed health and fitness objectives. Ocassionally, we work with individuals who exceed all expectations and go on to achieve extraordinary results. Meet Callum.

When we first met Callum, we knew in the first five minutes that he was going to achieve his objectives. Callum had absolute clarity about what he wanted to achieve and he was prepared to do the work. He was also ready to change his life.

With the right Personal Trainer to support him on his journey, coupled with a training strategy designed specifically for Callum, Claudia got to work.

No magic, no secret formulas. Just hard work, the right support and a tailored program that took into consideration Callum's starting profile. Together with his clearly articulated objectives, a program was designed to close the gap between the two.


Callum shares his story...

I heard about Core Principles through my Mum who had been training there for a few years. She had nothing but good things to say about her experience with the team so I signed up for a health consultation that same day.

I met with Gene and my soon to be trainer Claudia to go over my goals, experience and motivations for signing up with them. In the last 3 months Claudia has helped me smash all of my health and wellness goals, my confidence in myself is through the roof and I feel better about life than I have in a long while.

My experience with Claudia, Gene and the whole team at Core Principles has helped me reshape my daily habits and has allowed me to hit milestones I wouldn’t have thought possible without their expert guidance and support. I can barely recognise the person I was 3 months ago, and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be 3 months in the future!


Dec 2020

Mar 2020

% Change

Resting Heart Rate 85 bpm 51 bpm - 60%


102 kg


- 16%

Chest 113cm 102cm -10%
Waist 111cm 95cm -14.5%
Hip 117 104 - 11%
Body Fat % 37.6 23.8 - 37%
Muscle Mass 60.6 kg 62.2 +2.8%
Visceral Fat 14 7 -50%
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