How to Enjoy the Festive Season While Staying on Track

After one of the most difficult years some of us have faced, we’ve finally come to the end of 2020! Which means, its Christmas time!

To finish off 2020 we can now spend it with family and friends, all sitting around a table eating food, talking and laughing together, catching up on things we couldn’t have earlier in the year. It’s the time to celebrate all our tiny achievements over the year.

Christmas time also means all of those extra yummy foods you’ve been waiting to eat all year! Those Christmas ham’s, turkey, even that extra glass of wine.

Even though all those things sound incredible, it’s important that we don’t let all of our achievements go to waste!

Here are some tips to help keep the Christmas cheer but keep the extra kilo’s off.

Go for more walks

In Australia we are ever so lucky to have our Christmas during summer! With the longer and warmer nights, we should be taking advantage of these. Spending time with the kids and going on long walks after dinner is a great way to keep the Christmas spirit but also keep doing exercise over this busy time.

Drink more water

As the weather is warming up, its more important than ever to keep extra hydrated. With our foods being a bit saltier and drinking more during the festive season it’s super important to keep on top of it. Its recommended that adults drink about 8-10 glasses of water a day, but during this time we may even need more!

Drinking water not only helps with our hydration levels, it also helps to supress food cravings! So drinking that extra glass of water during Christmas lunch may stop you from eating those extra chocolates on the table.

Workout first thing in the morning

Like Santa, get your workout done while the rest of the world is asleep! If you’re completing a workout in the morning, there is less excuses for you to not workout later int the day. You’ll also be ready and awake for the big days that this Christmas period does hold.

So get out, go for that run, go to the quiet gym. Your body will thank you down the track.

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals or ‘saving up’ for a big meal is not the mindset you want to be in during this time. You should be focusing more on eating small, frequent healthy meals and snacks as normal, which in the long run will help you make better food choices over this time.

Don’t feel guilty for eating foods

The most important part of your health journey is understanding that you don’t need to avoid particular foods while your loved ones around you are indulging in them. One meal is not going to hurt you!

Planning your food choices ahead of time can help you feel more relaxed during whatever chaos this festive season throws!

Enjoy yourself

Christmas is the time to enjoy being surrounded by family, friends and our favourite foods. Don’t punish yourself by completely cutting off foods and drinks. Just remember, everything is fine as long as it is done in moderation!

Now go out and enjoy that Christmas ham!

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