I'm a runner. Should I do Strength Training?

Our trainers always get asked the following question from both avid runners and cyclist, as well as weekend warriors! “Will strength training assist my running and/or cycling performance?”

The simple answer is...YES!

For RUNNERS the benefits of strength training come from improving your ability to absorb the impact of each foot strike. Roughly the force of about 3 times your body weight is being put through each leg every time you strike the ground when you run, with forces up to 9 times your body weight going through your calves.

Strength training will help improve muscular STRENGTH and STABILITY to absorb those high impact forces from each stride while you run. It will also reduce the load through your joints while reducing your risk of pain or injury. You will find your RECOVERY times may improve as a result of increasing the loading capacity of those muscles/tendons.

Strength training will also improve your running BIOMECHANICS and ECONOMY. Biomechanics is just a fancy term for summarising how you produce movement.  Strengthening the muscles that support your body in ideal alignment while running can improve your biomechanics and result in more efficient use of energy (economy). In other words, by improving your movement patterns you will waste less energy and be able to push your pace further with less effort!

Quick Fact: Even experienced distance runners have shown improvements of up to 8% in running economy following a period of resistance training.

So if you’re a runner and not  currently doing any form of strength training, either because you didn’t know it helped, or simply didn’t know where to start, then reach out! We’ve got some pretty amazing Start up offers, making this an excellent time to kick off some additional strength training.

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Check out the sample video of Rob (who’s an avid runner and cyclist) working through a strength session!

I currently have a few remaining times available, so if you’re keen to take the next step in your running and cycling journey, get in touch!

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