Kai Wong

Kai Wong

Hey! This is Kai, a simple fella that can help you achieve your own fitness goals and be mentally stronger!

I have an educational background in exercise and sports science and a keen interest in helping more people become a better version of themselves!I believe everyone is a natural athlete. No matter your age, how ‘fit’, or how confident you feel about your training, as long as you can move, you can get stronger!

I also believe the motto by Kanō Jigorō (the father of Judo and former president of my current university) ‘精⼒善⽤,⾃他共榮’ (Maximum efficiency with minimal effort, mutual welfare and benefit).

We have torecognise that we are all human and have a limited amount of mental and physical energy and capacity. However, if we are clear about our priorities in life and spend some time (even it’s just little) on our goals every single day, everyone in the society has the potential to achieve their own goals! And I believe it is the same thing for fitness too!

Apart from working, I can be found preparing my meals while listening to “Music from 100 Years Ago” podcast or exploring some new places with my Edixa Reflex camera. Oh and maybe I could just be doing a workout with my best pals!

Thanks for your time reading till here! I’ll see you!


Cert III & IV in Fitness

American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists


Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Deakin University, Australia)

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