Mary-Anne dropped 11kg's! Read how she did it!

Mary-Anne joins a long list of members who have managed to lose significant weight and transform their lives. It's not been a straight line, it rarely is. It's been a bumpy, curvey and at times frustrating journey, but through clear intention, consistency and belief, she's done it and she's never looking back!

I joined Core Principles on the 12th September 2012 hoping to embark on a journey to better my health and fitness. At the time I had elevated blood pressure and a number of extra kilos in tow that I wanted to shed from living a life of excess. I have succeeded in achieving my goals twice over in the past 8 years at Core Principles.

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Prior to joining Core Principles, I trained outdoors farther from home. Work and family commitments meant I needed to be sharp with my time and Melbourne’s unpredictable weather also meant an indoor training studio close to home was a safer option. Core Principles is close to my kid’s school hence the location of the training studio played a key part in getting started.

I had a health consultation with Gene who I felt was genuinely interested and wanted to understand the reasons I was there and what I wanted to achieve. The health consult was a great way to start as it gave us a base line to work with. I started with the group PT option, attending numerous times per week and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of being given varying degrees of intensity in the workouts. I could push myself if I felt like it and the encouragement from the trainers was great motivation. I also enjoyed the social aspect meeting other members and when possible joined them for a quick coffee after the workout if time permitted.

I added a one on one PT to my training schedule once a week with Gene. This was a different training experience and the individual attention I received was a welcomed option as it allowed me to focus on areas I wanted to improve. I received a tailored program which specifically addressed these areas. Gene kept me on track with regular health consults discussing and amending the training program as required. He also addressed my nutrition which needed some attention. It was a real education to better understand the balance between diet and exercise and living a healthy and active life and I felt so much better. I increased to two PTs per week and was seeing some great results and felt fantastic.

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As they say life gets in the way and I ceased my training at Core Principles for a period of time. Upon my return I was disheartened to see all my hard work had fallen by the waste side because I had put back the weight I worked so hard to shed. I was gutted but I promised myself to give it another crack and never make the same mistake again.

For a short period of time I recommenced group PT but found the one on one PT option worked better for me allowing me to better focus on my training. Gene was reassuring and encouraging but also at times selective of hearing when I came up with every excuse in the book when I wasn’t feeling motivated which forced me to just get on with it!!

Tonina Rizzo a clinical nutritionist had joined the team and was encouraging members to participate in The Shake It practitioner weight management program. This was the missing piece of the puzzle – my light bulb moment which in conjunction with my training has enabled me to be 2kg from my goal weight of 69kg…!! Soon enough I increased to two PTs each week again.

I’ve lost 11kg and for the first time ever my GP is considering discontinuing my blood pressure medication because my health is better than it has ever been approaching my (dare I say it..) 50s. Covid didn’t stop me from training which not only saved my mental health throughout this period but also kept me focussed on achieving my goals. Gene was very accommodating whilst we trained outdoors and when that wasn’t possible he offered virtual training whilst the studio was closed.

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Today I feel strong, enabled and happy looking forward to a more prosperous 2021. I look forward to participating in a 5km fun run when possible. My journey hasn’t been easy but with the support of health professionals like Gene, Tonina and the Core Principles team I have always felt they have my best interest at heart. THANK YOU!!

My advice to those thinking about getting started…..STOP THINKING and give it a go, you will be well supported. Make your decision to take action otherwise nothing will change. See you at Core Principles. Good luck xx


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