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Meet Gen from Eaglemont!

I'm about four months into working with Anthony and I am really pleased with the supportive, team based approach from Core Principles.

Anthony is a fantastic Personal Trainer, he supports me to go that one step further at each training session and I've already seen great results. Everyone at the Core Principles studio (trainers and clients) are friendly and welcoming and it really helps being a part of a supportive fitness community.
I appreciate that the uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions is challenging however, I would truly encourage people to consider online personal training sessions during lockdowns. I know it's not the same as being in the studio but honestly, I'm still making positive progress with home workouts and it's genuinely helping my mental health and well being. Plus, I'm fairly sure Gene is looking at a pet range in Core Principles workout gear, hehe!
I have a way to go on with regard to my goals and I'm confident I will reach them, in no small part to the Core Principles team.

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