Meet Raphael, our new S&C Coach

Hi I’m Raphael! Super excited to hop on board with the coaching team here at Core Principles. Both staff and clients have made me feel very welcome and with each coming day I look forward more and more to turning up to work.

The drive and ambition possessed by the clients is refreshing and it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to coach people who genuinely want to invest time and effort.

I also work as a strength and conditioning coach training student athletes at Parade College and La Trobe University. I am an avid gym go-er myself as you will often find me fitting a training session in after a shift. Outside of the gym you’ll find me playing volleyball, kayaking, hiking or getting stuck into a good book.


The most fulfilling feeling for me as a coach is seeing someone commit to something they never saw themselves doing simply because I provided them with the right exposure. Every class is exciting for me as I’m interested to meet and engage with all the different personalities that accompany each friendly face.


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