Meet Silvana and Paul

Meet Silvana and Paul

We recently interviewed two of our relatively new members to get the low down on what they’re up to here at Core Principles. It just happens that they’re a husband and wife duo but they don’t actually cross paths at the studio....

Meet Paul and Silvana, new to Ivanhoe and relatively new to Core Principles!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

(Paul) We recently moved into Ivanhoe and run a recruitment business specialising in the property and construction industries.  (Silvana) We enjoy our weekends doing outdoor activities like golf, bike riding and walking.  We love exploring Melbourne and all the diversity it has to offer – especially the food and wine with good friends.

2. Why do you train at Core Principles and what do you do there?

(Paul) Currently getting to several classes a week with the goal of general fitness and conditioning.  For Silvana, this is the first Gym that she has been really committed in attending and finds the people and staff very friendly.

3. What are your proudest achievements?

(Paul) Riding the Great Vic and around the bay and completing our first HIIT class with Sam (Silvana) - also our kids I guess!

4. If you had the option to ‘Slap or Hug’ one person, past or present, who would it be and why? 

(Paul) Close call who to hug out of my wife or Nathan Buckley – probably my wife.  (Silvana)  You can have your Nathan Buckley hug and I’ll take Ryan Gosling!

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