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We have a keen eye for talent and we choose very carefully when we decide who joins the Core Principles team.

We look for foundation qualifications in Exercise Science but more importantly, we test for an ability to understand and connect with people. It is this skill which is difficult to coach and must be inate in a candidates personality and skill set.

At the end of the day, anyone can coach a bench press, but only the best can tap into an individuals motivation to push past real and perceived limitations to go beyond even their own expectations.

Meet our newest team member, Braydan Caldwell!


With a lifelong passion for sport, fitness and overall healthy living. I am extremely passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals, in the most enjoyable way possible.

My passion is driven by seeing my clients get the results they’re capable of and watching them develop a positive mindset and attitude towards training. I create strong personal connections and relate closely to my clients, in order to understand what best motivates them to achieve their goals. I assist each client improve their exercise performance to ultimately improve their quality of life.

When I’m outside of the gym, I love challenging myself by finding different outdoor adventures and hikes to partake in. Over the years I’ve enjoyed playing many sports such as AFL, Cricket and Basketball. I also love travelling, having been to several different countries around the world and experiencing what life has to offer.


I cannot wait to help you in your fitness journey, to achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself!


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Majoring in Exercise Physiology) Deakin
  • First Aid & CPR
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