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Please welcome Harper Trounson to the CP team!

After working closely with Physical Fitness Trainers in the Airforce it inspired me to pursue a career in the fitness industry. It also taught me to believe in myself and trust my gut instincts.

Since the age of 3 I have lived and breathed dance, working my way through the Royal Academy of Dance exams and then moving over to contemporary dance where I stayed and thrived until I entered the Australian Defence Force.


People may wonder why a dancer would enter the military. There are 3 comparisons I can point out here, focus, discipline and physical exertion. If you know, you know.




Exercise has always been an escape for me. My goal is to guide others in finding a form of exercise that equally pushes them to achieve their goals but one that they still enjoy.


In my spare time I dance (of course!), love strength training and am always searching for a new hiking trail, the higher the mountain the better.


Music from all genres but especially the 80’s and 90’s is always with me, I have a playlist
ready to got for any occasion!

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