We're Heading Outdoors!!

We're Heading Outdoors!!

Yep, it's cold, wet and miserable out there! However, if you don't want to be trapped inside for the next six months, here's the best way to fight the cold, with your favourite PT's and training buddies!!

Outdoor Group Training is launching 7.00am Monday 18th of May!!

We're adding 4 Outdoor Group Sessions to your Online Training membership!!

  • 4 classes per week:
    • 7.00am Monday (Jake)
    • 10.00am Tuesday (Sam)
    • 7.00am Thursday (Anthony)
    • 10.00am Friday (Gene)
  • Times and number of classes to be reviewed based on demand
  • Bring your own towel, drink bottle, mat and hand sanitiser

Location: Eaglemont Tennis Court car park

Cost: $49 per week

Weather: Classes will be subject to training conditions (weather) and may be canceled via FB messaging if deemed unsafe.

Communication: via Private Online Training Facebook Group

Cost includes access to Core Principles Online:

  • 5 online training programs per week, delivered to you fresh daily
  • Nutritional support provided by Tonina Rizzo Nutrition
  • Additional support from local health and wellness practitioners


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