Welcome to the team Sharnalee!

Core Principles is singulalry focused on helping our local community grow stronger, healthier and more resilient, one body at a time! To stay on course, we continue to seek out the best trainers in the industry!

We seek out the best qualifications and experience as a baseline but most importantly, zero in on cultural fit; including genuine passion and the right attitude to integrate smoothly into our community and make a difference.

Meet Sharnalee!

I have forever loved the benefits of exercise on overall physical and mental health, and now I get to help others reap the benefits of training for improved quality of life. 
I am a sports science graduate and nutrition student with a personal background in the bodybuilding industry, and body recomposition is my specialty.


I believe nutrition and training exists in unity, each is the piece of the puzzle that compliments the other. In order to maximally achieve a health related outcome - whether that be increased muscle mass, reduced body fat or improved fitness and movement execution - our bodies must be fuelled accordingly to get the most out of what we are doing. This is why I choose to pursue both areas of of the industry, to be able to educate and help others reach their goals sustainably with an evidence based approach.


Exercise is the most underrated antidepressant, and food is the most overused coping mechanism - through my true passion for the industry and through my experience, I believe helping others achieve optimal health is my calling. You know what they say - if you truly love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.


Outside of the gym, I can be found snowboarding, at cafes with friends, creating new recipes, reading books, going on nature walks with a good podcast, and forever remaining a student with an open mind and eager to learn all I can to remain an industry professional.


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