Why we love apples!

How Do you Like These Apples? Apples are delicious! They are portable, versatile and inexpensive. Available in many shades of red, green, and yellow, making them just as pleasing to the eye as to the palate.
Personally, I love green apples! They’re low in calories, have no fat and are high in both soluble and insoluble fibre. Eaten from the fridge, they’re crispy and thirst quenching with just enough tartness to curb that 3.30 hunger pang. I recommend leaving the skin on for the extra fiber and the concentration of nutrients which are hidden just beneath the skin.
Slice an apple with 1 dessert spoon of nut butter spread over each wedge for a satisfying twist to your fruit snack. The creaminess of almond butter goes beautifully with the crispness of granny smith apples. Almond butter is available in all supermarkets.
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