Workouts Delivered to you Fresh Daily

Core Principles Goes Online!

Workouts Delivered to you Fresh Daily

We're getting creative so that we can keep you moving!

We have been overwhelmed with requests for support including online programs, group chat and equipment requests.

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

We always rise to the challenge and have put on our thinking caps and have designed an Online program to meet your needs in the current environment.

So, we have launched Core Principles Online!

Session Format:

  1. Run down of your daily workout and the equipment you'll need (or other household alternatives)
  2. Session broken down into three segments:
    • Demonstration of warm up
    • Demonstration of each strength and conditioning exercise for that class (Including correct form, tips, recommended reps and sets for each exercise and a range of options for different levels of ability)
    • Demonstration of cool down and stretches for the muscles just used

Core Principles Online Details:

  • Hosted  by your favourit PT's on a Private Subscriber Only feed.
  • The pre-recorded format allows members to do the workout at a time that is convenient to you, rather than having to schedule a live Zoom at a time that may not work for everyone (particularly as many of us may soon be home with the rest of the family).
  • The video will be approx. 10-15 minutes in duration and will deliver you a training session of 45 – 60 minutes.
  • We will upload one workout session per day from Monday to Friday (5 per week).
  • The workout will include options to cater for different levels of ability
  • Online membership includes a weekly Virtual Group Chat (Zoom or other technology and start date tbc), hosted by me!!
  • CP Online is available to members and non members
  • Sure, you can get it all free elsewhere online, but this is for those who want help from a trusted local source, not a Jane Fonda wanna be!

Cost: Please email us or check out our social pages.

Remember, this is a “Stage 3 Restriction” proof option, so we can keep this going for as long as we are all stuck at home!

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