Zinc to the rescue this winter

Zinc to the rescue this winter

Do you find yourself dreading the upcoming winter months, fully prepared to battle the annual cold, flu, sore throat and more.. 

This could be a sign that your body is in need of more ZINC!

Zinc is an important mineral that is found in every cell in the body.  More than 300 enzymes require zinc in order to function properly and it is a major factor in a well-functioning IMMUNE SYSTEM.    Most people don’t get enough zinc from their diet due to the depleted nature of our soils.    The best food source of zinc is oysters. Other sources of zinc include red meat, shellfish, chicken and pumpkin seeds.

 How Could it Help?

Zinc may be effective in shortening the duration and severity of a cold, especially when taken within 24 hours of first symptoms appearing.

How does it works?

Antibiotics are not effective against colds because colds are caused by viruses, and antibiotics are designed to fight bacteria, not viruses.   

Zinc however is ANTI VIRAL, releasing ions that directly inhibit viruses in the nose and throat, preventing its multiplication.

How Do I Use It?

Zinc Lozenges are a great way to nip a sore throat in the bud, with liquid zinc or zinc supplements also available.

 If you feel you or your loved ones may be zinc deficient or wish to know more, please contact Tonina Rizzo, Consultant Nutritionist to Core Principles.

Reference: Schroeder K. (2017) Complementary therapies for the common cold, Publishing.

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