Me now!

Me now!

I joined up at Core Principles in December, 2015.

My Children had asked me if they could do the kids class on a Monday afternoon there, the idea of this class is that parents work out at the same time as their kids. How could I say no when my children were wanting to get fit and healthy? This also motivated me to join up.

I had always been slim and fit but have struggled with my weight for many years, ever since having my kids. I had really stacked on the weight due to lack of exercise and very bad eating habits. Being so overweight made me feel extremely depressed, very tired and I had lost the happy, confident, positive person I once was. I hated going out in public and could not stand the sight of myself in the mirror as I no longer recognised the person looking back me.

For many years, I tried all the latest quick fix diets but could never stick to them, only to put more weight on the minute that I stopped. I joined lots of gyms but they did not provide the support that I desperately needed, so after a week or so, I would stop going and feel more miserable than ever. It seemed utterly hopeless and I knew I could not do this on my own anymore.

Core Principles however was so different. Not a gym but a Personal Training Studio that offered all the support you could ever need and so much more. Making that first step to join up was hard and I was both embarrassed and terrified going into my first health consultation. I went in to meet with the owner Gene who was so lovely and instantly made me feel at ease. He cared and really wanted to help me. He recommended the trainer he felt would suit me the best and suggested I meet with their in-house nutritionist who was just what I needed to help get me started. She was was so nice, she did healthy eating menu plans for me and suggested vitamin supplements to assist with my diet.

My Trainer Jake was so friendly, caring and never judged me. He gave me the push and support I needed and made me see that exercising can be hard work but also very rewarding and lots of fun. The first week was the hardest as I was so unfit, but with Jake’s help I got through it and turned a corner. I started doing 2 PT sessions a week and lots of different classes, including Yoga, Pilates, Body Tone, Load Up, Suspension and lots more. Working out was not a chore anymore, it was fun and   I couldn’t get enough. After a few weeks I was feeling better than I had in years and felt like I was back in my 20’s! I was happier, healthier and had so much more energy. I Still have more work to do to reach my desired goals but know once I get there I will not stop training as it has become a part of my life now and I am loving it!

Core Principles has been life changing for me and my only regret is that I wish I had joined up years ago. Thank you Core Principles and all the amazing trainers that work there and especially to my one in a million Trainer Jake Sharp….I could not have done this without you!     

— Simone from Ivanhoe

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