Before and After

We want to learn from David, learn what it is that makes him different, what makes him exceptional. How has he achieved such success where many of us have struggled? Is there something we could learn from his experience, bottle it and share it with others?

  Before After
Age 41 41
Height 5'9" 5'9"
Weight 104.6 kg's 88.6 kg's
Chest 122.5 cm 108 cm
Waist 111.5 cm 97 cm
Body Fat 38.6% 28.6%
Muscle Mass 60.1 kg's

61.1 kg's

David has given some of his time to answer some of our questions. This is an extract from an interview we recently conducted with David.

1.How was your health and fitness before you joined Core Principles?

My health was poor. Being a shift worker for the past 11 years meant that I never really established a routine for my fitness and I developed very poor eating habits. I had been fairly fit prior to this, playing amateur football until my early 30’s. But over this time my fitness levels began to really suffer and prior to joining was the lowest they had ever been.

2.How were you feeling about yourself?

I was not happy at all. I hated what I was seeing in the mirror! I had no energy to do the simplest of tasks. I totally lacked motivation and drive to do anything. I felt like I was letting my family down and also myself.

3.What options had you considered regarding getting your health and fitness back on track?

I was thinking of joining a 24-hour gym so that I could go around my shift work – and let’s be honest, they are everywhere! But they just didn’t seem right for me.

4.Why did you choose Core Principles?

Friends recommended that I chat to them & then my wife called and arranged for Gene to call me directly regarding the prices, classes, expectations etc. It just went from there. The personal service & their commitment to my goals was the real turning point – I could actually see that I could change and reach my goals. The one-on-one attention, education and motivation were key.

5.What was it like in the first few weeks? Were you nervous, scared?

Very very hard, it was a real challenge for me. I didn’t want to feel or look stupid! I was nervous that I would look out of place & not know what I was doing! If you get through the first week – there really is no turning back! Everyone made me feel welcome; they encouraged me, made me feel that I could achieve my goals, and that they would help me each step of the way. It turned out to be a great experience – I love all the class sessions that I do & the workouts never get boring or ‘the same’.

6.When did you decide you wanted to do a triathlon?

About 6 weeks before the event. I have to have something to aim for – to work towards so that I can achieve something and feel encouraged & proud once it’s done!

7. Is there a reason you think you’ve been so successful?

My family made it possible. They supported my change in eating habits, encouraged me and allowed me to make time for the gym.

Vickie my trainer has been amazing! She pushes me, encourages me, keeps me focused and on track. She is so flexible with my timetable and often changes everything around so that I can fit in a session around my work.

Me – I think the biggest change has been my attitude and commitment to getting healthy. I don’t use my shift work as an excuse for my poor habits anymore. I have a real drive to feel fit and good about myself. I love the group classes - I have been known to come straight from a night shift to fit in a class - something unheard of merely months ago.

8.Did you ever doubt you could drop the weight?

Yes, I did. I had quite a bit that I wanted to loose – it feels daunting at the start. But with Vickie’s help we broke it down and set smaller, achievable goals and when you reach the first one – it really feels amazing!

9.Have you achieved your end goal or is there more to come?

I have achieved so many of the goals that we established initially, but there is so much more I think I can achieve. My fitness has improved beyond even my thoughts at the start. However, I have now established other goals, which also seem a bit far-fetched, but I will get there. Doing a triathlon 6 months ago would have been the furthest thing from my mind. Setting goals really helps me keep on track and aim for something so that I don’t become complacent.

10.What have been your greatest hurdles/threats to your success?

Making the time to train. Eating healthy and breaking old habits. I love my sweets and they were hard to let go initially. But as soon as I started seeing the results on the scales, it made it easier. I still have the occasional treat and I’m not as rigid as I was, but because healthy eating has become a way of life, it’s not hard anymore.

11.Do you have any advice for others contemplating a similar journey?

Believe in yourself. Push hard. Seek advice and ask for help. And it’s ok to put some time and effort into yourself – your work, family & friends will actually see the benefits too. And more importantly – so will you.

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