Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

1.In the case where Terms and Conditions are changed or amended, members will be notified of changes by e-mail and changes will also be posted on the Core Principles website.

2.Management reserve the right to amend the Terms and Conditions and Fitness Services provided at any time without notice.

3.The Terms and Conditions as detailed online at the Core Principles website are to be considered current and supersede all previous terms and conditions of this agreement.

4.The Joining Fee covers your initial Health Consultation. Any subsequent Health Consultations are covered in the Membership

5.Pre-paid 10 Packs memberships do not include the cost of the Health Consultations, however, a Health Consultation is required to be completed and signed prior to commencing group training.

6.Termination of Personal Training or Membership, must be given with 14 days written notice, by completing a PT/Membership Cancellation Form. The notice period will commence on receipt of the completed Cancellation Form.

7.Payments are processed on Thursday’s on a fortnightly basis and are paid in advance.

8.Memberships and pre-paid services are not transferable.

9.Core Principles will be closed on Public Holidays. Personal Training sessions scheduled on public holidays will be rescheduled as agreed by both the client and their Personal Trainer.

10.Prepaid Packs expire 6 months from date of

11.Membership Fees and Personal Training Packs are non-refundable.

12.The Member’s rights will be automatically suspended (at the discretion of the manager) if the Member is in default in making any payments required under this Agreement. If any instalment of the Membership Fee is not paid on the due date then the whole of the balance of the Membership Fee then outstanding will at the Manager’s option become immediately payable upon demand.

13.Members are not entitled to a refund or rebate based on non-use. If the studio remains closed during normal operating hours for any reason (customary and statutory holidays excluded) the Member’s membership fees will be automatically extended for an additional period equal to the duration of the closure.

14.The Member accepts Core Principles reserve the right to increase prices at any time.

15.The Member may not transfer its rights under this Agreement but the Manager may transfer their rights on notice to the Member

16.The Studio and the Manager will not be liable for loss of, or damage to the Member’s property.

17.The Member warrants that the Member and any guest introduced by or accompanying the Member in the studio will obey all rules & regulations and any lawful and reasonable direction of the Manager and agree they will not conduct themselves in any way which presents a danger, creates a nuisance for the Studio, Staff or other persons using the Studio.

18.Despite any other provision in this agreement the Studio and the Manager reserve the right to cancel this agreement at any time by notice in writing without giving reasons and without compensation but the Member must receive a refund of any moneys paid and attributable to the remaining Membership Period after that cancellation.

19.Except as prevented by fires, war, strikes, government regulations or similar causes, Core Principles will during the Membership Period maintain its scheduled hours of operation and in the event that the Studio facilities regularly used by the Member are closed for any reason the Member agrees to accept similar substitute facilities within a reasonable distance from the Studio.

20.This agreement of itself does not confer upon the Member any interests in any assets of the Studio and the Manager or any right to participate in the management of the studio, its premises and the Studio facilities or in the profits or assets of the Studio and the Manager.

21.If a Member is under 18 years of age, the Guardian:

a.Consents to the Member being a member of the Studio;

b.Has read and understands this agreement; and

c.Will endeavour to ensure that the Member complies with this Agreement

22.In accordance with the Fitness Industry Code of Practice:

a.For prepaid annual Memberships the Member has a 7 day cooling off period from the date of this Agreement to Terminate the Agreement with written notice; and

b.If the Member terminates this agreement during the cooling off period then the Member is entitled to a refund of all membership and joining fees less $50 administration fee.

23.In this Agreement unless the contrary intention appears:

a.The singular includes the plural and vice versa;

b.A reference to a party includes that party’s members; and

c.“Member “includes the guardian of the Member if the Member is under 18 years of age

24.The Member consents to and authorises the use and reproduction, by the Studio and its agents, of the following items relating to the members participation in the Studio’s activities: Photographs, results, comments and testimonials both written and recorded on audio and/or video, first name and initial. The Member fully understands that the above information may be used for advertising purposes now and/or anytime in the future. The Member also acknowledges that the Member, or any successor, assignee or heir is not entitled to any compensation now and/or in the future for any or all use of said items.

25.Any Renewal/Extension of this Membership Agreement is undertaken with the understanding that the aforementioned ‘Conditions of Membership” apply in full to any additional term.

Personal Training

26.If a Personal Training session needs to be rescheduled, trainers require 24 hour’s notice of cancellation or the session will be charged in full. If more than 24 hour’s notice is given, trainers may re-schedule session/s to an alternative time.

27.Personal Training ‘no shows’ and ‘late cancels’ will be charged in full and will not be re-scheduled.

28.An alternative trainer will be provided where possible to conduct a scheduled PT session, in cases where your normal trainer may be unavailable due to leave, illness, professional development and training or other commitments.


29.Clients holding current and active memberships are entitled to unlimited access to all Group PT Sessions and fitness assessments on a 6 week basis.

30.12 month Prepaid Memberships are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

31.Foundation Memberships are discounted for a period of 12 months. Membership fees will automatically revert to the normal rate at the completion of the 12 month anniversary of the discounted rate or at the point of Membership cancellation, whichever comes first.

32.Membership suspension is available at no charge for a minimum of one (1) week. Memberships are limited to a maximum total of four (4) weeks suspension within any 12 month membership term.

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