Director and Personal Trainer

Fitness is so much more than just big muscles. As a personal trainer, I focus on lifestyle choices to ensure my clients get the most out of their day and are able to live strong, healthy, active and engaging lives.


Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer

As a working parent, I know the pressures placed upon us to keep up with the daily routine of running around with kids, keeping up the perfect home and still being the perfect wife - I wish!!


Studio Manager and Personal Trainer

Fitness and well-being are my passion and I like nothing more than sharing that passion with my clients!

Anthony Ostrowsky

Personal Trainer

My philosophy towards training is focused on helping people to move better and live a healthier lifestyle, as well as inspiring and motivating clients to achieve their goals.

Joey Wannouch

Personal Trainer

As a fitness professional I have a unique influence and play an integral part in my clients lives which extends beyond the walls of the gym or exercises we prescribe

Claudia Geddes

Personal Trainer

Fitness is a huge passion of mine, but making fitness fun is my biggest. I love to give encouragement and have a joke around, but I also love to help clients understand how their body works. 

Ben Twite

Personal Trainer

I have a lifelong love for personal health/wellbeing and I am passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals and live a happy and confident life.

Sam Harrison

Personal Trainer

My focus is on developing a strong, functional movement base upon which full physical potential can be achieved. Free and fluid movement plays an essential part in my everyday life, and helping others achieve the same freedom in movement is a passion of mine.

Tonina Rizzo


Tonina believes that vibrant health is our birthright. She has a passion for all things related to health, food and the art of listening to our bodies. Tonina is an Accredited Practising Nutritionist with a strong interest in the importance of quality nutrition and its key role in optimising health and wellbeing.

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