Kenyi Diaz

Pilates and Nutrition Instructor

Kenyi has taught workshops to fitness professionals throughout Asia, Europe and South America. Back home, she had a weekly television segment talking about food and fitness.  A skilled graphic artist, Kenyi has designed and co-authored 4 Pilates books.

Kenyi's passion is human nutrition, in particular, eating for optimal health & wellbeing and for sports performance.” kenyi was attracted to food coaching because of her realisation that clients need more than just information and knowledge, and more than just having their less than optimal lifestyle and eating habits pointed out to them. To move to new levels of health and wellness, clients need motivation, understanding and companionship. Kenyi offers these in her approach. 

Kenyi's mission: “The first requirement for health and wellbeing is a calm mind”. With self-reflection techniques, relaxation and meditation clients can achieve positive and permanent changes.

Kenyi Nutrition Services Include:

  • Healthy eating plans and strategies
  • Shopping lists and in-house audits of your fridge, pantry or workplace.
  • Stress management techniques
  • Awareness techniques for managing "food picking" and eating without hunger
  • Motivation and support systems to support you to stick with healthy changes on your own
  • Nutritional advice

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